Snowstorm in Fredrikstad

Jan 7, 2017
Snowstorm in Fredrikstad |

Snowstorm in Fredrikstad |


The other day we decided to visit Isegran Fort, a small fortification by the Old Town of Fredrikstad. When we arrived there, we found ourselves walking in the middle of a snowstorm. It was extremely cold! We walked around a bit and took some pictures, only to run back to the car and drive home to the fireplace.

El otro día decidimos dar una vuelta por el Fuerte de Isegran, una zona fortificada enfrente del casco antiguo de Fredrikstad. Cuando llegamos, nos vimos envueltos en una tormenta de nieve. ¡Hacía muchísimo frío! Dimos un paseo rápido e hicimos unas cuantas fotos, y volvimos corriendo al coche para llegar a casa y ponernos delante de la chimenea.

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First steps into minimalism

Dec 26, 2016
First Steps into Minimalism | The Wandereuse

Over the past year I have moved back and forth between Spain and Norway, in addition to a short-time move to Portugal for work. When you move away for one year with three 20-kilo suitcases and three carry-on bags, you start to wonder about the amount of things you own, and how many of them you actually use. Additionally, I have spent most of the year living in a shoe-box-sized room while keeping most of my belongings in another building (cheers to the student life). I thought it was a very inconvenient situation until I realized I didn’t miss most of my stuff anyway.

Durante este año he vivido un poco a caballo entre España y Noruega, además de haber pasado un par de meses viviendo en Portugal por trabajo. Cuando te mudas para un año con tres maletas grandes de 20 kilos y tres maletas de mano, te empiezas a hacer preguntas sobre la cantidad de cosas que tienes y sobre cuántas realmente utilizas. Además, la vida de estudiante me ha llevado a vivir en un sitio mientras mis cosas estaban en otro lugar, lo cual me pareció bastante inconveniente al principio hasta que me di cuenta de que ni siquiera echaba tanto de menos mis cosas.

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Back to Hispania

Dec 22, 2016
Mérida, the gate to ancient Hispania | The Wandereuse

Mérida, the gate to ancient Hispania | The Wandereuse

Ah, Spain. Such a strange and beautiful place you are. Spain is the result of a mix of many different cultures that occupied the vast land of the Iberian Peninsula over the centuries. Everywhere in Spain you will find reminders of our rich and multicultural past, but no place comes close to the city of Mérida.

Ay, España. Qué país más extraño y bonito. España es el resultado de una mezcla de muchas culturas diferentes que ocuparon el territorio de la Península Ibérica a lo largo de los siglos. En España puedes encontrar en cualquier parte recuerdos de un pasado multicultural, pero ningún sitio es tan rico como la ciudad de Mérida.

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Blue Hues

Dec 13, 2016
The Wandereuse Instagram Blue Hues

I have been so fond of blue hues lately! I think it’s because it’s winter and everything seems whiter and darker than the rest of the year, so I am loving this little extra blue tone 💙 The grid features pics I took in Norway, Sweden and Portugal, and you can see more by heading to my Insta account!

Últimamente estoy enganchada a los tonos azules. Creo que es porque es invierno y todo parece un poco más blanco y más oscuro que el resto del año, así que soy muy fan de capturar ese tono azul 💙 En el collage hay fotos de Noruega, Suecia y Portugal, ¡y os animo a ver más en mi cuenta de Instagram!


Why you as a millennial should care about sustainability

Dec 8, 2016

We millennials are the product of a society in which nothing lasts. We want everything and we want it now and cheap. So of course the world has changed its ways to accommodate our desires. Everything is fast and easily replaceable. We are the ultimate recipients of fast fashion: we buy things to wear during one season because we know that they won’t last long and, if they do, they will already be outdated. And they are so cheap compared to real, good quality clothing that who cares, anyway? We are a generation of people that could not imagine themselves using cloth tissues. Hello! C-l-o-t-h napkins. Imagine blowing your nose and then having to carry that around until you get to do laundry! Ew. We go to the supermarket only to find peeled fruits covered in plastic. This one thing guys, this has been the last straw for me. Humanity, fruits have skin that protects them, they don’t need our plastic for that! But hey, we want that freaking avocado and we don’t want to waste time peeling it, do we?

I just can’t take it anymore. Every time I go to the supermarket, the only thing I see is layers and layers of plastic. Hundreds of thousands of one-use plastic bottles piled up; meat and produce packed up in thousands of teeny tiny packs to bring home with you and all the freaking packaging. Why do we have this lifestyle? Couldn’t we have our own containers to bring to the produce section and individually select what we want? Couldn’t we drink our drinks from glass bottles that one could return for money? It’s too much of a hassle. It’s too heavy. It’s too… “expensive”. 

Well, you as a millennial should give more than a shit about this. Because honestly, I don’t care if people like Donald Trump deny climate change. 70-year-olds are not going to live long enough to see our world be fatally consumed by trash and plastic. It’s going to be us who will be governing tomorrow’s institutions. It’s going to be us dying from new, rare diseases the Earth is coming up with in order to end this “plague” that keeps destroying it. And it’s us who are going to see our loved ones die, too. That isn’t very aesthetic, is it? Not only will we have to live this and suffer with this, but it’s us who will have to find solutions.


This post is the first of a series on sustainability. I am interested in this topic and, if you read through all my rambling maybe you will understand that all millennials should be interested, too. So I will try to find different topics on how young people can get better at this and different ways in which we can be a bit more sustainable.


(Public domain picture, not mine)


What is the color of your dreams?

Dec 4, 2016
Polar adventure with Fjällraven

Polar adventure with Fjällraven

My dreams are white and cold, like my heart. Okay no, I have other dreams than going to the North Pole, but still! I find the north (and the south, down south) extremely fascinating, and right now I am in a period of my life where I have decided to give it all to my dream of truly experiencing this area. So besides moving to Norway, learning the language and going to see the northern lights, in 2017 I would like to experience a real polar adventure! You can help me reach my dream by clicking here and voting for me on the Fjällräven competition. And you? What are your dreams? Let me know down below!

Mis sueños son blancos y fríos como mi corazón. Tengo otros sueños aparte de ir al Polo Norte, pero aun así… El norte (y el sur, muy al sur) me parece tan fascinante que ahora mismo estoy en un momento de mi vida en el que he decidido dejarlo todo para perseguir mi sueño de realmente experimentar esta zona del mundo. Así que, aparte de mudarme a noruega, aprender el idioma y ver las auroras boreales, ¡en 2017 me gustaría vivir una verdadera aventura polar! Puedes ayudarme a conseguir mi sueño haciendo click aquí para votar por mí en la competición de Fjällräven. Y tú, ¿cuáles son tus sueños? ¡Cuéntame en los comentarios!


❄️ Pictures from the Fjällräven Press Kit ❄️


6 tips to upgrade your wrapping skills

Dec 3, 2016
Wrapping with The Wandereuse

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is approaching and I just love wrapping presents early in the season to have everything ready and be able to enjoy the holidays. I used to be a mediocre wrapper but I have since learned a few super easy tricks that really make a difference. Read on to find out about them!

¡Es otra vez esa época del año! Las navidades se acercan y a mí me encanta envolver los regalos pronto para luego poder disfrutar de todos los festejos. Antes no era muy buena envolviendo los regalos, pero desde entonces he aprendido unos cuantos trucos muy fáciles que realmente marcan la diferencia. Sigue leyendo para descubrirlos.

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Polar adventure with Fjällräven

Dec 1, 2016
Polar adventure with Fjällraven

Polar adventure with Fjällraven

An opportunity to fulfill my dreams 

I am applying to be part of a 4-day polar experience with Fjällraven. If you have two minutes to spare, click here and vote at the end of the page! This would mean loads of amazing pics for the blog!

Me he postulado para formar parte de una experiencia polar de 4 días con la marca Fjällraven. Si tienes dos minutos, te agradecería mucho que entrases aquí y que votaras al final de la página. Ganar esto significaría tener un montón de material para el blog!


❄ Pics from Fjällraven Polar Press Kit ❄



Dec 1, 2016
The Wandereuse Winter Wonderland
December, you’re my favorite

December has always been my favorite month of the year. Even when I lived in Spain, I thought December had a feeling all the other months lacked. And it’s not particularly because of Christmas. It’s just that December is so dark and so cold that one can just crawl under the blanket and literally cuddle all day. The time of snow, warm chocolate all the time and overall coziness is here. And for me the winter time is going to be specially long since I am moving back to Norway for good! What are your plans for December? What do you like the most of this season? Remember to start your advent calendar today!

Diciembre ha sido siempre mi mes favorito. Incluso cuando vivía en España, pensaba que diciembre tenía algo que le faltaba a todos los demás meses. Y no es necesariamente por el sentimiento navideño. Simplemente es que diciembre es tan frío y tan oscuro que uno puede simplemente meterse bajo una manta y estar mimosón todo el día. La época de la nieve, chocolate caliente todo el tiempo y el sentimiento hogareño ha llegado. Y para mí, el invierno va a ser un poco más largo: ¡me vuelvo a Noruega! Y tú, ¿qué planes tienes para diciembre? ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de esta época? ¡Acuérdate de empezar con el calendario de adviento hoy!



Picture taken by Bae on the train Oslo – Bergen