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A Spanish twist to the avo toast - The Wandereuse
Food & Drinks

A Spanish twist to the avocado toast

I’m a sucker for avocado ðŸ¥‘ I eat avocado almost every day. I love having avocado toast for breakfast because it feels very healthy and it’s full of good fats! On the other hand, being from Spain means that I enjoy cured ham a bit too much,…

Mar 2, 2017
Taste of the coast - The Wandereuse
Food & Drinks

A taste of the coast

Nothing like the taste of the sea 🐠 Yesterday we attended a cooking competition and it was so exciting! A friend of ours is studying to become a cook, and yesterday he took part in a competition hosted by the Norwegian network Smak av Kysten (“taste of the…

Feb 15, 2017
Food & Drinks

A salad for the ones that don’t like salads

I am not your usual salad person. I really dislike lettuce so it’s usually a bit hard to eat salads anywhere but home. Before, I hadn’t even acknowledged the existence of other leaves, so I would only eat salads without greens. Are those even called salads? I’m still wondering.…

Nov 27, 2016
The Wandereuse - Marbled Banana Bread
Food & Drinks

Marbled Banana Bread

I have been home -in Spain- for almost three weeks now, and it has been extremely hard to find time and ideas to post on the blog. You know, it is so warm and there’s so much sun here that it’s almost impossible to not…

Sep 24, 2016
Red berry sauce
Food & Drinks

Red berry sauce

I have been dreaming about making a berry sauce since I came across Upclose&tasty’s greek yoghurt with blueberry and blackberry sauce recipe. Now in Norway one can buy raspberries and strawberries at an affordable price, so I decided to make a red berry sauce. Also, to make…

Jul 24, 2016